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Thank you for your patience! Here are the results and winners for our Reading Challenge 2021:
We had 33 participants that read 264 books during the month of March. Great job Bobcats!
The raffle winners are:
Student Grade Teacher
Michelle L. TK Camacho
Osqar C. TK Camacho
Ariana C. Kindergarten Casanova
Aiden D. Kindergarten Stewart
Anson L. Kindergarten Stewart
Melanie H. Kindergarten Stewart
An N. 1st Grade Ocanas
Alexander S. 1st Grade Ocanas
Jesur A. 1st Grade Ocanas
Sofia A. 1st Grade Ocanas
Collin L. 1st Grade Simone
Arghya S. 2nd Grade Hermann
Adhya T. 2nd Grade Hermann
Benjamin M. 2nd Grade Hermann
Dylan D. 2nd Grade Hermann
Grayson N. 2nd Grade Hermann
Michael N. 2nd Grade Hermann
Sara S. 2nd Grade Hermann
Varshitha V. 2nd Grade Hermann
Yasmin S. 2nd Grade Hermann
Arissa A. 3rd Grade Acuff
Aarya M. 4th Grade Anido
Justin H. 4th Grade Anido
Justin N. 4th Grade Anido
Julie N. 4th Grade Anido
Saathvik V. 4th Grade Anido
Prize is a book of choice and backpack with school supplies. Please contact Ms. Duy, Secretary at to arrange a time to come and pick up your prize. Congrats to all our winners!