Morning Drop Off at Brooktree School - For the safety of our children

In October, we sent home notices and opened the Brooktree parking lot (only in the mornings) for drop off of students. Prior to this the parking lot was closed to any traffic. This was very successful for a while and students were being dropped off and traffic was flowing smoothly. Since the holidays we have experienced a high number of parents parking in the bus lane (for the buses only - no one should park at the yellow curb), and also along the fenced side of the parking lot, to walk students to their class. This action hinders or stops the flow of the drop off of students. If you feel you would like to walk your child to their class, please park your car outside the parking lot and walk them in - the limited number of parking spaces in the lot are for the staff members. We have four handicapped parking spots - if you have a handicapped sticker, please display it and use these parking places.

If there are any issues that we can help you with, please come into the office and let us know how we can help you.

We would like to thank everyone in advance for their cooperation.
The Brooktree Staff