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About Us

Welcome to the Brooktree Elementary School website. Brooktree Elementary School is located in San José, California, and is a part of the Berryessa Union School District. Our student population of 500 students has a very diverse ethnic makeup that brings a richness of cultures to our campus. 
Brooktree shares the District's mission to ensure that all students have the skills necessary to reach high levels of academic achievement, respect self, and others, and become lifelong learners. Our school motto is "I Am Capable Of Learning, I Can Learn, I Will Learn." 
The Brooktree staff is committed to providing each student with a positive and successful educational experience. The teachers and support staff work together to ensure academic and social success for the future. Parents and community members are also an integral and valued part of the educational team. We believe that parents as partners ensure success for our students. Together, we make a difference in each child's achievement.