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Where to Read

Create a comfortable reading space….

• Find a quiet place. Turn off the TV or close your bedroom door.
• Find a comfortable chair with some fluffy pillows.
• Sit near a window or by a lamp.

Places to READ!
On your front porch
In a hammock in the back yard
In the car, on your vacation or even just going to the store! (Always, always
take a book with you!)
Spread a blanket out and lay on the lawn
Curled up on the couch a comfy chair or your bed
By the pool (remember your sunscreen!)
In a tree house
In a tent you make with blankets in your house (or outside!)
At the library
Next to your dog
Make a library with your favorite books.
Have some friends over and talk about the books you are reading.
Attend summer storytelling at your local library or book store.